Evangelism / DiscipleSHIP / LeaderSHIP Development

 The SDMI is committed to these 3 big priorities and we exist to resource YOU as a leader on our district. Below you will find the following resources to help you. For more resources visit our Electronic Toolbox.


Oikos Mapping
Outreach to Community Report (Info on Population, Education, Families, Ages, etc).


Discipleship Reporting Process
Discipleship Strategy Template
Discipleship Tracking Process (4 Lists)
The Bible Project
The Discipleship Place

Leadership Development

Leader Development Steps
How to Create a Leadership Community


Church of the Nazarene Official Website
USA/Canada Region Website


We are here to serve you with excellence. If there is any way we can do that better, please let us know.

Randy Hird, District SMDI Leader
E-mail: rhird10@gmail.com