Encounter God has impacted the lives of so many people.

Jerry Porter, retired General Superintendent, helped us launch our first Encounter God weekend.

One person says, “God has helped my spirit grow, He has forgiven me, He has given me comfort in distress and relief from pain, freeing me from my past. This weekend is the cheapest, best psychiatric care I’ve ever received, plus it comes with two days of great meals, lessons learned that will last a lifetime, improve your self-image and all your relationships, it will raise your self-esteem, grow your spiritual confidence and restore your dehydrated spirit!”

Another said, “God healed me from the hurts I have been carrying,” and another, “This weekend helped me forgive both myself and others. I got rid of some old baggage that was holding my spiritual life back. I’m free!”

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The Pre-Encounter is designed to make a personal connection between the guides and the 3-4 people in their group. To download the Pre-Encounter Reflection Questions & Prep Information, click here.



4:30p - Registration

5:30p - Dinner with your Encounter Guide

6:15p - Sessions 1-3

Session 1: Peniel (A Face-to-Face Encounter with God)

Session 2: Prodigal Son (Repentance and Restoration)

Session 3: The Power of the Cross (A Personal Relationship)


8:00a - Breakfast

8:30a - Sessions 4-10

Session 4: The Power of the Resurrection (The Hope of Jesus)

Session 5: The Power of Daily Living God’s Way (Men’s Sexual Purity and Women’s Fearfully & Wonderfully Made)

Session 6: The Power of Forgiveness (Experiencing New and Renewed Hope)

Session 7: Inner Healing (Daily Living in His Presence)

Session 8: Set Free (Living Free Every Day)

Session 9: Power of the Holy Spirit (Living a Holy Life)

Session 10: Our Spiritual Destiny (Taking the Next Step)

5:00p - Conclude


To be determined