All across the United States, districts are searching for ways to better equip those with a call to vocational ministry. One way this is happening is through a weekend of assessment, evaluation, and training that is designed to lead an individual interested in credentialed ministry in the Church of the Nazarene through a journey of self-discovery.  

The Board of Ministry Discovery Weekend is designed to be a time of encouragement for each candidate. The candidate will be placed in a group with several other candidates along with some mentor pastors to lead them through the weekend. The areas of self-awareness and preparedness that the Weekend will focus on are:

  • The spiritual formation of the candidate

  • The emotional health of the candidate

  • The candidate’s understanding and acceptance of the seriousness and responsibility of the call of God to the ministry

  • The areas of ministerial skills that a candidate must have and continue to develop

  • The expectations for those called to ministry in the Church of the Nazarene

The preparation for the weekend will consist of the completion of three evaluation tools, along with the submission of some reflection papers, so that the candidates can be placed in groups and the mentor pastors can get to know the candidates. The three evaluation tools will be: StrengthsFinders, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator.

All ministers seeking ordination in the Church of the Nazarene must complete the Discovery Weekend before they will qualify for ordination on the Chicago Central District.


When: November 15-16, 2019
Where: Cedar Lake Ministries, Cedar Lake, IN
Registration Cost (includes: meals,lodging, and all materials):

  • Couple – $350 (+$60 if both are taking the assessments)

  • Single (double occupancy) – $200 (+$50 if single occupancy desired)

  • Half is to be paid by the local church, half paid by the candidate


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